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New Hands-Free Door Openers - Foot Operated and Latched Doors

Foot Operated, Hands-Free Door Openers

This hands-free device lets you gently pull or push open latch-less doors using the sole of your shoe - so users don’t have to touch potentially contaminated surfaces and can help stop the further spread of germs and bacteria. Perfect for public restrooms and other swing-style doors. Prevents shoe damage and can be used with open toe shoes. Constructed from heavy-duty stainless-steel as a one piece, laser-cut and precision formed unit. Available with either magnetic mount for metal doors, which attach in seconds and can be repositioned to the perfect spot, or direct through-hole mount for non-metal doors.


  • Sturdy, one-piece, stainless Steel construction
  • Uses the bottom of the shoe, protecting toes
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Powerful magnet mount installs in seconds and can be repositioned
  • Direct mount, two mounting holes, 2.75" center line, hardware not included
  • USA M.A.D.E
Magnet Mount
Hold — Lbs. (kg) Height (in) Width (in) Projects (in) Weight (lb) Model No.
80 (36.29) 5 2-1/2 4-3/8 1.5 FP01M
Through Hole Mount
Mounting Hole (in) Height (in) Width (in) Projects (in) Weight (lb) Model No.
0.27" (1/4-20) 5 2-1/2 4 0.9 FP01

Latched Doors – How to use Foot Operated, Hands-Free Door Opener

For latching doors with lever-style handles, our Universal J-Hook can be used to hold the door handle in the open position – converting it into a latchless-style door that can now be used in conjunction with the Foot Pull. The MX2000JH Universal J-Hook attaches directly to steel doors. For non-steel doors, use in combination with our MX0870 Magnetic-Stainless Disk that you can mount to your door as an attachment base for the J-Hook.


  • Magnet can be quickly installed and removed when needed
  • Sturdy stainless-steel hook
  • Disk is 400 series magnetic stainless-steel
  • USA M.A.D.E
Universal J-Hook Magnet
Hold — Lbs. (kg) Magnet Dia (in) Overall Length (in) Weight (lb) Model No.
42 (19.05) 2.03 5.00 0.25 MX2000JH
Magnetic Stainless-Steel Disk
Diameter (in) Thickness (in) Mounting Hole (in) Weight (lb) Model No.
2.5 0.10 0.19 0.14 MX0870

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