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A Simple Ergonomic Solution to Limited Range Verical Lifting and Positioning

The LITE LIFT is a light weight versatile Lifting and Positioning device well suited for short lift strokes where the payload center-of-gravity is directly below the lifting point. It has a single point of suspension for easy attachment to work station cranes, work station jibs, and articulated jibs. Pneumatic power gives smooth, responsive, and quiet operation.

Equipped with the standard vacuum tool, the LITE LIFT can handle a variety of objects such as glass, table tops or metal sheets. With optional tooling, other payloads such as steel tubing or rods, rough castings, car seats or engine crankshafts can be lifted. Consult us for vacuum applications lifting porous surfaced payloads such as cardboard boxes or sacks.

Standard Features:

  • Duty Cycle
  • Lbs. Lift Capacity
  • 24", 36", and 48" Lift Strokes
  • Double Wall Lift cylinder
  • Single Point Suspension
  • Pivoting Control Handle - Ergonomic design - adjustable for operator height - movable counterweight for up/down bias of handle position.
  • Safety Circuit w/Bleed Down - Prevents accidental release of a gripped part unless supported or full down.
  • Loss-Of-Air Supply Safety Valve - Prevents downward travel of the lift if air supply pressure is lost.
  • Universal Swivel Joint - Tool mounting plate for optional vacuum cups, gripper, or magnet tools.

Standard Vacuum System:

  • 16" O.D. Vacuum Cup
  • Venturi Style Vacuum Generator
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Auto ON Circuit with single OFF Button
  • Vacuum Check Valve in Cup
  • Blow-Off Valve to Disengage Cup

NOTE: Required for vacuum systems

80 PSI @ 12 SCFM
90 PSI Input for maximum load capacity

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