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Autoquip Dock Scissors Lifts include several designs of powered loading dock equipment for moving wheeled or palletized loads onto or from delivery trucks of various heights onto or from your dock or grade level. Dock Scissors lifts can be surface mounted, pit mounted, or portable, and all meet the safety requirements of ANSI MH29.1.

Autoquip Truck Levelers are a superior dock solution to the traditional hinged dock-levelers or throw-over plates mounted onto the dock floor when faced with the challenge of loading & unloading trucks of varied heights. Hydraulic Truck Levelers are installed outdoors, in front of a dock or loading area, therefore not using valuable dock space. Truck Levelers also eliminate door security concerns and air loss is minimized in refrigerated or heated applications. Truck Leveler platforms can be provided with wheel guides, and are equipped with a provisional cut-out, to clear truck restraining devices, allowing the truck leveler platform to be located close to the face of the dock.

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