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A lift table is an engineered scissors lift device used to raise, lower, stack, or convey materials between two or more elevations. Lift tables are considered to be ergonomic in nature and have become an essential element in many work cell applications. Featuring vertical travel from 25" to 288", Capacities from 500 to 200,000lbs., and a wide range of platform sizes. Lift Tables are available in standard catalog form or can be engineered to meet your specific requirement.


Tables can be supplied with:

  • Air or hydraulic power source.
  • Turntable top.
  • Lift and Tilt Combination
  • Handrails (work platforms)
  • Accordion Skirt
  • Bevel Toe Guards for pit mounting
  • Conveyor Top
  • V-Deck for rolls or coils
  • Wheels or casters
  • Limit Switches or Photo Eyes
  • PLC Controlled
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