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Load Rotating Equipment | Posi -Turner

The "Posi-Turner" designed and manufactured by The Caldwell Group, is a patented, ergonomically designed material handling system for:

  • Lifting
  • Suspending
  • Rotating
  • Positioning

Objects in both light and heavy-duty applications. The Posi-Turner can lift in excess of 150 tons and handle virtually anything, including odd-shaped objects.

Heavy-duty slings, integrated with a powerful roller drum or independent drive system, make it easy to work with hard-to-handle materials.

The Posi-Turner:

Increases productivity and operator safety.
Decreases product damage and handling time.
Eliminates shock loading associated with turning suspended items.

The Posi-Turner is available in several design styles to meet your specific requirements.

Drum Style System

This style turner is the back bone of the turner line. It consists of one or two powered drums with flat style slings such as polyester web or steel mesh.

Drive Chain Sling System

Consists of two powered drive units with pocketed sheave drives and special chain slings that rotate weldments for assembly, process welding and inspection. Objects can be smoothly and gently rotated for exact positioning.

Posi-Leveler System

The Posi-Leveler is a spreader beam (with Leveler) that enables an operator to level a work piece in mid-air. The Leveler adjusts the center-of-gravity under the crane hook with a push of a button. Eliminated, is the need for lowering and re-rigging the load to find the center of gravity. The end result is increased productivity.

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