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Air Bearing Equipment | Skids

Air Skids allow for the safe movement of your materials. Air skids, placed under a load for movement, can be used to move almost anything. An optional pendant control provides "Dead Man" control over the air skid system.

Capacities are dependent upon air bearing size and quantity.

Single Bearing Air Skids

  • Are used in sets of three or four (or more) units.
  • Can be bolted under machine or fixture.
  • Can be simply spaced apart to accommodate a variety of load sizes.
  • Can be connected directly to plant air. Typical air supply plumbing includes:
    • Main air supply hose
    • Control console or manifold assembly
    • Connecting hoses

Two Air Bearing Air Skids and other configurations available.

Air Skid Accessories

  • Control Package (CP) - Includes pressure regulator, pressure gauge, four flow control valves (FC) and four 16-ft. (4.87 m) long hose assemblies (HA) with quick disconnects for joining control unit to the air skid.
  • Flow Control (FC) - Use one flow control valve for each air skid. Valves are sized to give good regulation of air flow required for each air skid.
  • Hose Assembly (HA) - Includes 16-ft. (4.87 m) of hose, with quick disconnects. Specify longer lengths if required. One required for each skid.
  • Manifold Block (MB) - Four-port manifold has main shut off valve and quick disconnects for individual hoses. Six-port manifolds are also available.
  • Hose Reel Assembly (HR) - All hose reel assemblies are equipped with a shut off valve, quick disconnect, ball stop and a flow sensor.
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