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Series "U" Platforms move heavy loads on a thin film of air. Four air bearings support each platform in a nearly friction-free manner. Using plant air, a few pounds of force is all that is required to move a heavy load in any direction.

Use Airfloat Platforms when:

  • A low moving force is required.
  • Precise placement of equipment is needed.
  • Explosive atmosphere requires spark-free equipment (consult factory).
  • Free movement in all directions is required.
  • Floors do not allow high unit loads.


Simple Controls allow easy operation of the platform without need to make adjustments. Fixed flow control orifices give balanced flow to each of the four air bearings.

All Steel Construction for maximum durability. The welded structure allows concentrated loads to be carried without loss of platform integrity.


Operator Handle bolts to back of any platform for comfortable operator control of platform in repetitive movements. A ball valve control is attached to the handle for easy accessibility. Guide Wheel reduces drifting of the load on sloping floor surfaces.

Series "L" AND "XL" Platforms are rigid welded steel structures designed for carrying large loads. These highly mobile air bearing equipped platforms are efficient for the following typical applications:

  • Assembly Line
  • Moving machine tools, transformers, construction equipment or any other large loads.
  • Bay Transfer
  • Large, heavy loads can easily be moved between bays.
  • Random Movement
  • Transporting large equipment loads.


  • Extremely high load capacity
  • Cushioned, near frictionless movement
  • Omni-directional movement for precise positioning
  • Extremely low floor pressure
  • Low profile
  • Spark-free operation
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