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Change-It™ Mold Changers turn potentially dangerous tasks into safe operations. By using ergonomic technology, Change-ItTM reinforces human strengths with mechanical operations. Change-ItTM benefits include: change mold/dies in less than 20 minutes, allow for "hands off" operation, protect against equipment damage, eliminate fatigue, and remove dangerous conditions caused by other mold changing methods. We can configure for single or multiple mold capacity with no mold weight limitations.

Airfloat/HSI Systems specializes in meeting the customers specific needs. Change-ItTM offers various options including: manual or automated controls; design capabilities for molds with standardized subplate; air bearings, wheels, and rails; and press set-up for side mold changing. Our engineers will interface with your staff, providing you with computer aided design including dimensional data & layouts. This can transform a monumental task into a much simpler, quicker form.


  • Internal air-powered drive assemblies used to move the mold and mold changer throughout molding facility.
  • Powered mold drive system used to transfer molds to and from the Mold Changer.
  • User friendly fold out operator control panel to complete all mold changing operations.
  • Operator never contacts molds or mechanisms.
  • Articulating mold arm to extend beyond safety gates of press to the platen edge.
  • Floor mounted docking/locking rail for repeatable position locations.


  • Make efficient use of presses through reduced set-up time.
  • Complete a mold changing task in less than 20 minutes.
  • Standardize operations.

Ease of Operation:

  • Save time & money
  • Simple docking
  • User-friendly controls


  • Used with mold pre-stage and storage racks
  • Configured for single or multiple capacity
  • Supplied with variable transfer height
  • Can be shared between many presses

Cosy Savings:

  • Eliminate overhead cranes
  • Shorter turn around time
  • Decrease energy costs
  • Serve many presses with a single unit
  • Eliminate mold and press damage
  • Optimize press usage
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