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Rigid Container Lift and Rotate

Bulk Container Lift | Rigid Container Lift and Rotate

IBC Discharge/Fill Lifts increase productivity by minimizing handling time, reduces loss of raw material, avoids messy clean-up, and is available in electro-hydraulic power or manual models that rotate 359 degrees, or fixed position models for lifting only.

Standard Lift Capacity = 3000 lbs
Overall height of lift when lift carriage is full extended - height can vary by customer requirements.
Standard Model 143"
Optional Models to 251"

Lifts designed for rigid IBC's can offer a number of unique ergonomic and productivity features including:

  • PLC Controls
  • Raising/Lowering
  • Rotation of Lift on Horizontal Plane
  • Rotation/Tumble of IBC's on a Vertical Plane (for mixing products and/or manipulating IBC position for fill or discharge)
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