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Automated - Rack Handling System

Rack and Container Handling | Automated - Rack Handling System

Airfloat/HSI Systems has combined its resources to create the ultimate in manufacturing efficiency. They have incorporated the design of their shuttles, turntables and rack handling systems to develop this state of the art Automated Rack Handling System.

This Automated Rack Handling System provides the flexibility the customer needs in this rapidly changing environment. This modular system is designed with drop in modular stations to adapt to the customers specific needs. It is adaptable to different configurations & rack sizes allowing for future expansion or reduction. This system can be integrated with robotics and has a fully automated rack indexing control system which requires software modifications for expansion or reduction. Operator functions are input through a simple touch screen control.


  • Flexible - adapts to many different operator stations or positions.
  • Quick Cycle Times - increases productivity.
  • Modular Stations - design the handling system to most efficiently meet your manufacturing needs.
  • Adapt to different rack sizes, not dependent on rack condition.
  • Allows for future expansion or reduction.
  • Fully automated rack indexing.
  • Designed to integrate with robotics.
  • Simple touch screen controls.
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