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Airfloat Over and Under Systems

Ideal for limited floor space conditions this system is a safe and effective method of transporting containers to the unloading and loading position. Allows for multiple staging and can be used in conjunction with lift and tilt tables. Over/Under Systems can be designed for automated or manual use.

The unit shown at the right allows full 3000 lb. containers to come in on the bottom with storage enough for one shift. The containers are manually released to move onto work station. The work station is complete with an air motor powered lift and pneumatic tilt. This allows the operator to ergonomically position load for unloading parts. The unit is constructed of heavy duty structural steel and components with operator safety as foremost in design.

This Unit is a SEMI-AUTOMATED OVER AND UNDER SYSTEM designed for the application below.


Required: A system that could handle two incoming empty containers, while an operator loaded containers at a workstation. The system also had to support two outgoing containers.


Airfloat designed and manufactured an Over & Under Conveyor System. This unit allowed empty containers to come in on the bottom level, where operators can manually release containers onto the workstation for loading. The workstation is equipped with a lift and rotate unit to allow the operator to ergonomically position the load. The containers are filled, then lifted to the top outgoing conveyor and automatically transferred out. An internal friction roll-on brake slows the container for maximum control and safety.


  • Systems are completely pneumatic/hydraulic (no electrical hookups).
  • Hydraulic pilot operated lock on cylinder to prevent sudden descent of lift should any hydraulic line leak occur.
  • Roll retarder on upper conveyor to control container speed.
  • Lock out valve that prevents lift or container transfer if work platform is not in place.
  • Container transfers are air released so that any loss in the plant air supply prevents container movements.
  • 30 degree pneumatic tilt platform at operator workstation.
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