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Power Team Pulling System

Mechanical and Hydraulic Grip-O-Matic® Pullers

  • The harder they pull, the tighter they grip to easily remove gears, bearing and other press-fitted parts.
  • Mechanical pullers range from 1 to 25 ton capacity. Hydraulic pullers offer 5 to 100 tons in capacity.
  • Super Grip-O-Matic® pullers feature fast jaw spread adjustment. Hydra Grip-O-Matic® models combine puller, cylinder and pump in one integral unit.

Mechanical and Hydraulic Push-Pullers®

  • Apply either pulling or pushing force to remove and install parts.
  • Capacity range of 10 to 50 tons.

Special Pullers, Accessories and Puller Sets

  • Slide hammer pullers, blind hole pullers, pulling attachments and pulling adapters. Puller sets available in various capacities.

High Tonnage Pullers

  • Power Team's 55 and 100 ton pullers handle difficult pulling tasks encountered in the maintenance of heavy equipment.

For details on Pullers or any other Power Team product, please contact American Lifting Systems.

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