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Conductor Bar Systems

Conductor Bar Electrification is available for Work Station Cranes which cannot utilize looped festooning. Headroom requirements, multiple bridge systems, or extremely long runways usually require conductor bar electrification. Note: Conductor bar electrification increases the amount of effort required to move the system due to friction and drag.

Traditional or new ergonomic conductor bar systems?

Festoon Systems

A flat cable festoon system is included in all Gorbel Work Station Bridge Cranes. Sufficient cable is provided for 3 ft. loops on the runway and 1 ft. 6 in. loops on the bridge.

Festoon Gliders are used to support 4/14 flat cable along the runway and bridge on systems of 63 ft. or less. Note: Gliders are recommended for flat electrical cable only.

Festoon Trolleys may be used in place of Gliders to support flat cable, round cable or air hose along the runway or bridge. Festoon Trolleys have four wheels and a pivoting saddle support. Festoon Trolleys are required on systems with runways greater than 63 ft., all aluminum systems, and systems supplied with air hose. Special Festoon Trolleys for Vacuum Equipment are also available.

Air Hose

Air hose for air powered Hoists, Balancers or Tools may be substituted for flat electrical cable. Air hose requires Festoon Trolleys.

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