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Airmaster Heavy-Duty Industrial Air Circulations


Properly controlled air movement can be the solution to many plant environmental problems such as heat stratification, hot spots, dampness, and general air stagnation. However, the most common application of circulators is to provide comfort cooling in industrial and commercial buildings where air conditioning is too costly. Circulators cool factories, display rooms, stores, public buildings, hospitals, offices, wherever the need for quiet and deep airflow penetration. In winter the fans move rising heat from the ceiling area back down to the floor.

  • Available in Floor, Wall, I-Beam, and Ceiling models
  • 24" and 30" dia
  • Single and 3-phase motors
  • Oscillating and Non-Oscillating Styles
  • Explosion Proof Models available
Size CFM High CFM Medium CFM Low Motor
24" 5800 4400 3200 1/3HP
30" 7700 6450 4850 1/3HP

Many other fan models are available. These include

  • IAC Industrial Air Circulators - High volume air movement with minimum noise. Designed for economical operation and continuous duty service.
  • AUTOFANĀ® - Designed for economical operations in a variety of industrial applications including: automotive, food processing and general factory operations. These units are available in six mounting options for convenience and versatility.
  • WACII30 Food Service and Washdown Air Circulator - Offers solutions to many environmental problems such as heat stratification, hot spots, dampness and general air stagnation, in addition to providing comfort cooling when necessary. Constructed of Electro-polished 304 stainless steel the WACII30 material is approved by the USDA and the National Sanitation Foundation for "Food Zones". The WACII30 is available in a non-adjustable pedestal and a wall mount.

Please contact us for more information about these or any other models in the Airmaster line of fans.

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