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Flat Bed Tie Downs & Accessories

Cargo control securement for flatbeds comes in a variety of styles. Chain and nylon tie downs and the various accessories that accompany these are available from our stock or usually within a short period of time from our vendors. The nylon 2" and 3" tie downs are sewn at American Lifting to your specifications.


Kinedyne winches provide a method for securing cargo on flatbed trailers, rail cars and other vehicles. Kinedyne offers a wide variety of styles to ensure winches are available for each application. Designed to meet requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and California Highway Patrol (CHP). Standard winches for 4" winch straps are available in standard and lo-profile styles.

Winch Straps

Kinedyne offers a full line of 2", 3" and 4" winch straps. All winch straps are made from resin-coated polyester for minimum stretch and maximum wear resistance. All winch straps are labeled to meet CVSA guidelines, DOT regulations and WSTDA recommended standards.

Winch Bar

Kinedyne 37033-NC Combo style winch bars feature:

  • Tapered Tip for use with Winches
  • Mod. Handle for tightening chain binders
  • Knurled Non-Slip Handle

Ratchet Straps

Kinedyne ratchet straps are designed to handle most types of flatbed tie-down requirements. All ratchet straps are labeled to meet CVSA guidelines, DOT regulations and WSTDA recommended standards. Standard 27' tie-downs with flat hooks both ends are kept in our stock. Any other configuration you may require is made at American Lifting as per your specifications.

Chain Tie Downs & Binders

Used in applications where the load being tied down is too rough for nylon tie downs or as personal preference by drivers.

Most common grades and sizes are

3/8" x 20ft Hi-Test (Grade 40).........5/16 x 20ft G7 (Grade 70)
3/8" x 25ft Hi-Test (Grade 40).........5/16 x 25ft G7 (Grade 70)

Other sizes are available and should be asked for.

Binders for these chains come in different styles. The most common are the over-center or lever binder and the ratchet binder.

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