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Many options are available to take care of your interior van loading requirements. They include track, straps, bars and beams for shoring and decking, nets and other accessories.


Series E, A and F track is designed to provide the attachment point for bars, beams, straps or nets. Horizontal E and A and Vertical A track are stocked items at American Lifting. The other styles of track are available from the factory with a 1 - 2 week delivery.


Standard E/A cam buckle straps are 2" wide with a 4' fixed end and an overall length of 12', 16' or 20'. If color is not specified gray is provided. Other colors offered are olive drab, blue, yellow, red and tan.

We sew straps to your specifications at our facility with delivery ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on quantity ordered and availability of parts. We also repair straps.

Bars & Beams

A complete line of shoring and decking bars that fit into track and stand along bars with rubber feet are offered. Loop/Hoop kits are also available as accessories.

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