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Jib Cranes - Ergonomic | Articulating

Gorbel Articulating Jib Cranes

Articulating jib cranes incorporate two pivoting load arms for maneuvering around obstructions in a work cell. These jibs can be floor mounted, wall mounted or Work Station Crane platform mounted.

  • Available in capacities from 150-2000 lbs. and spans up to 16 ft.
  • Double pivoting boom with 360 degree rotation at each pivot joint.
  • Designed for electric or air operated equipment.
  • Can be wall mounted, platform mounted from Work Station Bridge Crane, or free standing.
  • Suited for applications where maneuvering around obstacles or swinging under obstructions is necessary.
  • Easy Rotation.


  • Positioning loads around or under obstructions.
  • Maneuvering loads thru an open door way.
  • Positioning a load in close to the jib mast or support column.
  • Applications requiring consistent, effortless movement and precise positioning in a work cell.

A platform mounted (on a Work Station Crane Bridge) jib can service multiple work cells and reach outside the normal coverage of a Bridge crane.

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