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CM Max Balancer

The CM Max pneumatic balancer is engineered for applications that require precise positioning or repetitive transferring of loads as heavy as 300 lbs. By making loads virtually weightless, it increases employee productivity, reduces fatigue and alleviates risk of cumulative trauma disorder. Operators can lift and position loads precisely, time after time, regardless of personal strength.


  • Versatile Float Capability - For units with pendant control, the float is 8 inches up and down. For units with balance control, float is over entire working range. The float feature allows the operator to position the load easily and precisely by hand.
  • 90 psi required for rated capacity
  • 100% Duty Cycle - Due to the operation of its pneumatic power source, there is no limit to the number of start/strop cycles the balancer can perform. The resulting performance allows for reliable productivity.
  • Lost load protector
  • Lock out-Tag out device
Product Code Capacity (LBS.) Control Option Working Range (Inches) Reach (Inches) Net Weight (Lbs.)
0950 120 Pendant 80 144 60
0953 120 Balance Control 80 144 60
0951 200 Pendant 80 144 68
0954 200 Balance Control 80 144 68
0952 300 Pendant 80 144 84
0955 300 Balance Control 80 144 84

Working Range: Vertical Lift from the hook in the lowest position to the hook in the highest position.

Reach: Vertical distance from the bottom of the balancer to the hook in the lowest position. Actual reach may be adjusted at installation and under no circumstances should it be less than 84 inches.

Net Weights listed are for units with pendant controls and do not include the Low Headroom Trolley or suspension plate.

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