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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Hoists/Balancers | Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope hoists are used in rugged applications to

  • Raise and lower material
  • Transport material throughout the plant
  • Position components in process or assembly operations.

Many models are available ranging in capacity from 1 ton to 15 tons. Based on the Duty Class of your operation, you can choose the best hoist for your application.

Duty Class Service Typical Applications H2 Light Light machine shop and fabricating industries, and service or maintenance work where loads and use are randomly distributed and capacity lifts infrequently handled. Equipment running time does not exceed 12.5% of the work period. H3 Standard General machine shop, fabricating, assembly, storage, and warehousing where loads and use are randomly distributed. Equipment running time does not exceed 25% of the work period. H4 Heavy High-volume handling in steel warehousing, machine shops, fabricating plants, mills, and foundries; and manual or automatic cycling operations in heat treating and plating. Equipment running time normally approaches 50% of the work period, with loads at or near rated capacity frequently handled.

Selection Considerations

  • What is application?
  • Headroom required?
  • Power required?
  • Capacity required?
  • Single or two-speed hoist
  • Trolley required?
  • Chain container required?
  • Will hoist be used under unusual environmental conditions?
  • What size beam will the trolley operate on?
  • What type of suspension will be used: rigid hook, swivel hook, lug mount, plain, geared, or motor-driven trolley?
  • What trolley speed is required?
  • Is a trolley brake required?
  • What lifting speeds are required?
  • How long is the lift?
  • What control function is required?
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