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Hand Hoists

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CM Hand Chain Hoists

Hand hoists are used to

  • Raise and lower material
  • Transport material throughout the plant
  • Position components in process or assembly operations.
  • Many models are available ranging in capacity from 250 lbs. to 24 tons.

    Selection Considerations

    • What is application?
    • Headroom required?
    • Capacity required?
    • Trolley required?
    • Chain container required?
    • Will hoist be used under unusual environmental conditions?
    • What size beam will the trolley operate on?
    • What type of suspension will be used: rigid hook, swivel hook, lug mount, plain, geared, or motor-driven trolley?
    • What trolley speed is required?
    • Is a trolley brake required?
    • How long is the lift?
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