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Chain Lever Pullers

Chain Lever Pullers are a general use tool used for pulling, stretching, dragging, and lifting. Available in both chain and wire rope, with capacities ranging from 3/4 to 6 ton.

The tool shown at the right is a CM Short Handle Lever Tool. Features include:

  • Short handle
  • Handle that rotates 360┬░ making it easy to operate in any position and in small spaces
  • Free wheeling for fast, easy attachment to load
  • Optional Load Limiter┬« device protects against overload
  • Easy one-hand operation with pull range from 45 to 62 pounds to lift full load


Rated Capacity*(tons) Product Code Std Lift (Ft) Pull to lift full load (lbs) Lever Length Min Distance between hooks (in.) Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs)
3/4 7300P 5 45 12 12-1/4 16
1-1/2 7320P 5 55 16-3/4 14-3/4 27
3 7330P 5 62 16-3/4 17-5/8 40

Overloading and improper use can result in injury.

To avoid injury:

  • Do not exceed working load limit, load rating or capacity
  • Do not use to lift people or loads over people
  • Use only alloy chain and attachments for overhead lifting
  • Read and follow all instructions
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