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Coil handling equipment is designed to lift and handle coil material with the I.D. in the vertical or horizontal plane. Standard mechanical or custom motorized versions are available to meet your requirements. Listed below are four basic types of coil handling equipment. Coil handling equipment should meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI-ASME Standard B30.20

  • C-Hooks: Are designed to handle coil with the I.D. in the horizontal plane. C-Hooks engage the coil thru the I.D. from one end. If coil lengths vary, positioning of the coil on the load arm becomes a safety issue. Standard capacities range from 50 lbs. to 75 ton.
  • Coil Lifters: Handle coil with the I.D. in the horizontal plane. Coil lifters are designed to protect the integrity of the coil by engaging and cradling the I.D. at each end. Mechanical or Motorized units are available. Standard capacities range from 5 ton to75 ton.
  • Vertical Lifting Equipment: Designed to lift coil with the I.D. in the vertical plane. Equipment includes single and double rim coil grabs, I.D. tongs, and I.D. supporting grabs. Capacities range from 2 ton to 40 ton.
  • Positioners: Coil Positioners are designed to invert coil (from horizontal to vertical or vice versa) and/or change the horizontal direction of the coil in a transfer operation. Often, Positioners are integrated with lift tables, conveyors, and automated systems. Capacities range from 1000 lbs. to 50 ton.
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