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Tong grabs are a good alternative for handling items which rest directly on the floor or do not have adequate under clearance for slings. Every tong is designed to a particular size, shape and function. Tong grabs can be engineered to handle any size item, however the grip range is typically limited. Larger tongs are equipped with an automatic latching device which holds the tong open (while engaging the load) for safe and efficient operation.

Basic Tong Configurations:

  • Supporting Tong for constant-sized objects with support clearance underneath, such as boxes, crates, bins and containers. The lifting feet support the load and maintain it on a horizontal lifting plane.
  • Gripping Tong for materials, such as coils, rolls, tubes and other round or cylindrical objects. It grips the material around the outside diameter with additional support provided by the tongs extending beyond and below the center of the load. The diameter range may vary by approximately 25% while the variation in length is generally unlimited.
  • Pressure Tong for gripping the vertical sides of bales, boxes, ingots and other flat or straight-sided objects. Pads provide surface friction or penetration of the load to maintain a safe hold during handling. Pads are furnished in rubber, belting, pins, points and other materials, depending on the coefficient of friction required for the material being lifted.

Note: All lifting equipment should be designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI Standard B30.20 or equivalent

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