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Sheet Lifters

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Sheet lifters are typically the safest and most efficient means of handling individual or stacks of sheet material.

A positive, self-locking gear drive allows the lower load angles to grip and cradle the load. Most units are engineered to handle a wide range of material sizes while still conserving aisle space. Applications include steel, wood, or plastic materials. Capacities to 50 ton.

Optional Features

  • Chainwheel or Motorized leg operation:
    • Facilitates stacking at greater heights
    • Improves operator safety in difficult access areas
    • Improves efficiency in high volume operations
  • Design modifications to accommodate:
    • Greater widths
    • Higher capacities
    • Longer loads
  • Side mounted hand wheels or chainwheels
    • End hooks for long loads
    • Low headroom lift bails
    • Leg and load position indicator lights
    • Radio controlled

Budgetary Pricing

Note: All lifting equipment should be designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI Standard B30.20 or equivalent.

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