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Nylon and Polyester Slings are used where loads must be protected from damage. The lift weight and flexibility of these slings reduce fatigue and strain on riggers. Not to be used in high temperature applications.

Slings are available in 1" through 24" widths, depending on the style of sling chosen, and any length you might need to suit your application.

Styles Include:

Endless - Type V (EN)

A versatile sling for general use. Unlimited ways of rigging - not limited by configuration of the sling.

Eye and Eye - Flat Eye Type III and Twist IV (EE)

A versatile sling for general use. Use in choker, basket or vertical hitches Tapered eyes are standard on slings over 2" wide.
Half Twist Eyes are recommended when using slings in a Choker Hitch.

Reversed Eye - Type VI (RE)

The work horse of all web slings. Use in Choker, basket or vertical hitches. When application is continuous or abusive will out live all other sling types. RE slings have wear pads both sides of body & eyes.

Slings with Metal Basket Fitting - Type II or Metal Choker Fittings - Type I

Basket End Fittings Eyes are metal instead of tapered fabric. Fitting available in alloy steel, forged aluminum or forged steel loose pin types. TYPE I slings can beused in either basket or choke hitches. TYPE II slings can be used in basket hitch only. NOTE: Do not use slings with aluminum fitting (BHA) in applications where acids, alkalis or other corrosives are present.

Cargo or Wide Lift Slings

Wide slings (6 to 24 inches or wider) for basket hitch only. For applications where a wide sling is needed for load stability, or protection of soft surfaces. Spreads the load over a greater surface area.
Wider widths available on request.

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